PelFix for a Strong Pelvic Floor!


The PelFix Technique is a revolutionary Pelvic Floor Education Programme suitable for men and women.


What my clients say:

Livia Nemeth pelvic floor specialist “… I am aware of the Kegel exercises, which compared to Livia’s training course are simplistic. I really think this kind of information should be more widely known as it’s a part of the body that no-one talks about.”

“…I have not had an “embarrassing moment” since practising the exercises as directed.”

“… I am a Pilates teacher.  I have encouraged my clients to go on Livia’s course, as I believe it to be a method that teaches people a deeper understanding of how to use the pelvic floor.”

“…I do feel more confident and also feel my sex life has improved. I would warmly recommend Livia’s course to any of my pregnant friends and those suffering from hemorrhoids and stress incontinence.”

“…the training has changed my life by reversing an issue that was really bothering me and therefore giving me greater confidence.”

The pelvic floor muscles have to be kept strong as they support the abdominal organs and contribute to continence, both anal and urinary. As humans walk on two legs, increased pressure is put on the pelvic floor muscles. In addition, bad habits such as poor body posture or heavy lifting can further enhance the adverse effects. Other events, such as pregnancy, long labour and childbirth can also weaken the pelvic floor muscles, and the natural ageing process contributes to this. The weak pelvic floor is unable to fulfil its supportive function which can lead to organ descent and prolapse, varicose veins (e.g. haemorrhoids), urinary and anal incontinence and lack of sexual pleasure.

The PelFix Technique offers a solution for protecting and maintaining the health of the pelvic organs as well as exercising the pelvic floor muscles. The course can be completed in 10 hours, you can either join a group class or learn the programme on a one-to-one basis in the comfort of your home at a convenient time.