Livia Nemeth pelvic floor education specialist London

Livia Nemeth is a Pelvic Floor Education Specialist with a diploma in Pelvic Floor Education for Primary & Secondary Prevention and Self-Rehabilitation.

Livia is the founder of PelFix®, a unique exercise teaching and health education system. Since 2012 she has helped many men and women regain their confidence and healthy self-esteem.

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Teacher and programme leader Livia Nemeth discovered the method when she suffered from extreme haemorrhoids in her early twenties. Physicians were unable to help her and finally suggested the only cure was surgery. Horrified at this suggestion, Livia researched her options and came across a special Pelvic Floor Education Programme in her home country, Hungary.

Devised by a team of gynaecological, urinary, and pelvic floor specialists – motivated by their own experience with stress urinary incontinence – , the programme changed Livia’s life completely. She was surprised and delighted that, after completing the course and practicing for three months, her haemorrhoids were gone.

“The exercises that I learnt were simple and only took ten minutes to perform each day. After completing the training, the pain that I had felt for so long had lessened; three months later, the haemorrhoids that I had suffered from for years had gone. I had also suffered from vaginal flatulence – commonly known as “fanny fart” – and this symptom, too, was completely eliminated after just a few months.

This experience made me very excited and enthusiastic about the pelvic floor education programme, so I recommended the training to all my family and friends, who all came away with positive results. All my friends gave birth naturally, without the need for an episiotomy and never suffered from conditions such as incontinence or vaginal laxity.”

Livia was so impressed with the method, that she decided to become a Pelvic Floor Education Specialist and has started teaching the programme in London.