Article written by Julie Morris,

What a fantastic vibe we had at our shared Pregnancy by Design event yesterday.  It was a pleasure to share the same space with so many women who really care about enabling younger women to have positive experiences of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

The shared ideas and experience reinforced all the information I received at the ‘What About the Children’ conference only two days before.  It just goes to show that there is too much inaccurate information forced upon us, by so called ‘experts’, all because they are not listening to what mothers know already.  When mothers are given the chance to verbalise their own thoughts and be truly listened to, they have most of the answers within them.  They will then continue to react naturally to their babies and nurture them into confident adults who, in turn, will love them and those around them.

‘Mother to mother’ support is available from these women:


Baby massage:

Breastfeeding the natural way:

Breastfeeding cushions:

Cranio Sacral Therapy:


Natural nappies:

Natal Hypnotherapy: Sandra Bush

Parenting workshops:

Pelvic Floor Education:


Relaxation in Movement (Sophrologist):


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