I found this article yesterday and thought it was brilliant, I really wanted to share it with you here on my blog. I am very much against the use of vaginal weights, cones or vaginal exercisers and this article by Barbara Loomis summarizes the reasons very well.

Posted with the permission of the author, Barbara Loomis (http://alignmentmonkey.nurturance.net/2012/body-building-your-vagina)

Body Building Your Vagina

Part of my treatment goal for pelvic floor weakness is a neutral pelvis with neutral sacrum. Strong gluteus help pull the sacrum back so the pelvic floor muscles are at their optimal length.

When you use weights, you can create a hypertonic pelvic floor that lacks nerve and blood flow. Short muscles don’t equal strong muscles. Muscles need to be at the correct length (not too short and not too long) for optimal force generation, electricity, and blood flow.

Another thing to think about is that if she sits or stands in post tilt or has a counter-nutated sacrum she’s not allowing the uterosacral ligaments to do their job. It makes sense with prolapse to address lifting from above (and avoiding extra intra-abdominal pressure) and not just focusing on walling organs in with a tight pelvic floor.

Like this guy, you could end up compromising function for short tight muscles.

The body is beautifully designed to hold in our organs without weight training, we have prolapses because we aren’t using our bodies the way they are designed to be used. So by honoring the biomechanical design of your body and using it the way nature intended-minimizing sitting and avoid wearing positive heeled shoes, walk with a posterior push off to strengthen gluteus, squatting in alignment, changing our societal beliefs about how women should sit and walk (tailbone tucked, feet close together-you know, “like a lady”). Otherwise, we aren’t getting to the root of the problem.  Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy works with the bodies intelligence. I take the same approach with Restorative Exercise™. The better the flow, the healthier the tissues. We just have to stop getting in our own way.

As far as helping women identify their pelvic floor, I use stance to do so, not weights. When you stand in alignment (ribs over ASIS of a neutral pelvis) and breathe normally the pelvic floor is elastically loaded and your body responds to build the strength needed for YOUR particular body mass not an arbitrary weight. It’s a totally different “exercise” paradigm than what we grew up with.


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