Pelvic floor muscle strength measurement and vaginal laxity, vaginal flatulence

Prior to the course

This young woman was born in 1969 and had given birth once. She suffered from vaginal laxity, which greatly affected her in normal daily activities and in her sex life. Air would enter her vagina in certain situations and during sexual intercourse with her husband; they both felt that childbirth had led to noticeable changes.
The decreasing performance in the graph shows that the woman’s vagina was quickly becoming tired, as it did not have much strength. After testing it was believed that with some diligence she could rejuvenate her sex life: therefore, she started the training.

After 10 weeks of practicing

The change can be clearly seen in the picture on the right.
The densely striped section shows how strong the woman’s vagina had become: the graph shows the rate of increase and how her ability to clench the vagina had increased. The measurement was made after 10 weeks of exercising. She has now received her individual training programme with the additional exercises, so further progress is expected. Her husband was very happy with the results of the programme.