Myths and facts about the Pelvic Floor Muscles
Take control of your Pelvic Health!

Join us on Saturday, 14th June at 1:30pm to learn how to take control of your pelvic health!

The pelvic floor muscles have to be kept strong as they support the abdominal organs and contribute 
to continence, both anal and urinary. The weak pelvic floor is unable to fulfil its supportive function 
which can lead to pelvic organ prolapse, varicose veins (e.g. haemorrhoids), urinary and anal 
incontinence and lack of sexual pleasure.
But what should we do to keep these muscles strong?
Is it really good for us to clench at the bus stop? Is it safe to stop to flow? Is it enough if you do 
Pilates or practice yoga? Do you know which habits or exercises are harmful for your pelvic floor? 
If you would like to hear the answers, or have more questions, you are welcome to come along!
Speaker: Livia Nemeth MSc, owner of PelFix, Pelvic Floor Education Specialist

Marylebone Library
Macintosh House
54 Beaumont Street
London W1G 6DW

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