“One of my friends recommended Livia. I went to see her when I was 7 1/2 month pregnant. I had a few lower abdominal issues which made my pregnancy very painful and left me with a lot of inflammation and swelling: difficulty walking, a mild bladder prolapse and bulging vagina. While I did not expect any major changes while the pregnancy was progressing, I was very keen to learn about efficient pelvic exercises and try to master them before birth to help for my post-labour recovery. After two weeks of exercising, I can honestly say that despite the increased pressure of the baby’s weight, the inflammation and swelling reduced and the bulging vagina did not get worse. I believe this is due to the increase blood flow in the area, created by gentle but efficient exercises which helped to reduce congestion. Every women should know about how their body functions inside-out and every women should know about Livia! I can’t not recommend her course enough.”  Lady, 39

“Over the past few years, I have been suffering with an overactive bladder and weak pelvic floor. I found both quite distressing and tried lots of things to help myself, but nothing worked. After reading Livia’s website I decided to try the Skype course and it was fantastic. In just 7 weeks I have much more control, my pelvic floor muscles are stronger and I am moving toward helping my overactive bladder.
Livia is very passionate about her field and her training and knowledge really stand out. She supports you, answers all your questions, no matter how stupid! You feel in safe hands.
I now have a thorough exercise program to continue the good work. Livia’s email address should be in every woman’s hands.” Lady, 47

“I had surgery 3 times to try and correct an anal prolapse (brought on by chronic haemorrhoids and pregnancy) I have avoided having a fourth operation and have been trouble free ever since attending Livia’s workshop – Thank you Livia Nemeth! Interestingly when I received my notes from the hospital after being discharged there was no mention of Pelfix even though I had made it quite clear the massive improvement it had made….

And I haven’t even mentioned what it did for my sex-life ; )” Lady, 42

“In May 2013 I had a natural home water birth. Unfortunately, ten minutes after M was born the community midwife on-call decided to tug hard on the cut umbilical cord still attached to me, this was extremely painful, tore my uterus and I started to haemorrhage.

I was rushed to hospital where my placenta was surgically removed, I was then separated from my baby for a week as he had a suspected infection and was admitted to the Neonatal ward. Within hours I was having to walk the corridors to breastfeed every two hours and would often find myself in a great deal of pain locked out of the wards for some time due to the poor security system. It was an extremely emotionally challenging week – my husband and I felt heavily judged in the decisions that we had made to have a natural birth and our early parenting. I feel strongly that this unnecessary additional stress caused by the hospital staff took a further hit on my body.

Some weeks later, when the swelling had reduced I realised that I had a second degree uterine and bladder prolapse later confirmed by a gynaecologist. I was in no hurry to go back to the GP or any other medics at that time but was well aware that I was suffering from shock, trauma and total adrenal exhaustion.

Through a course of events in mid-January 2014 I attended Livia Nemeth’s PelFix course over two weekends. I have done the exercises every night for the past five months and with an additional massage technique (arvigotherapy.com) there has been a vast improvement. My uterus is now central and has moved back up to stage one, whilst my bladder is changing at present between a stage one and two. My whole pelvic area is so different as it is now much stronger, toned and feeling more normal. The low tummy pain has almost eased completely. I am careful not to lift anything too heavy but if I have to, my body copes with it much better than it did before doing the PelFix exercises.

When that area of the body isn’t ‘right’ it is an extremely personal and private experience and can feel devastating. My belief and determination to ‘fix’ myself has been a challenging healing process; I am now experiencing a renewed strength and sense of empowerment after feeling so shattered.

I am certain that if I continue to do the exercises regularly that it will lead to even greater improvement in the long term.

I can’t thank Livia enough for this fantastic programme – it has helped me in so many ways.” Lady, 35

“From the moment we first spoke via Skype, I knew Livia was a warm, caring person, who has her clients best interest at heart. This was evident throughout all our sessions, which were fun, enjoyable and gave me almost immediate results.

I have always been fit and healthy, however I had suffered haemorrhoids, for almost 15 years, PE (premature ejaculation) for 30 years and developed a weak bladder in the last 3 years.

The PelFix method offered me a solution to all 3, my haemorrhoids greatly improved after 2 sessions, I use the techniques to control my bladder, whilst strengthening it and I better understand my PE and Livia’s tailor made program is teaching me better control.

Livia I cannot thank you enough for your fun sessions, in-depth explanation and knowledge of the human anatomy. You answered all my questions, never made me feel uncomfortable, whilst explaining my experiences and had the patience to ensure I understood what I had to do. I am following my own tailor made program and having so much fun using muscles that I never knew existed.

Livia you are truly a beautiful person, whom I will never forget.

I strongly recommend any man or woman, who is suffering symptoms of weak pelvic muscles to give Livia a try, you will not be disappointed.” Gentleman, 49

“I completed the one month PelFix course and it has not only motivated me but genuinely made me believe I can overcome all of my pelvic floor problems that I have had for the last 5 years since having my son. The course is in-depth, beyond interesting, testing and inspiring – I cannot recommend anything more to any woman who is suffering from any form of pelvic floor problems – You Need To Do This!!!!! Livia is the most understanding and supportive coach you could ever wish for and I am so glad I was introduced to this amazing method and am now able to take control of my life and abilities to do anything I want again!” Lady, 41

“Livia is an exceptionally knowledgeable and professional pelvic floor teacher/instructor. After having two children by normal delivery I went to see her at her studio. I was impressed how clearly see presented all the exercise concepts and how she emailed over exercises I had to work on at home. I learnt so much and also, so many myths were dispelled. I have no hesitation in recommending her.” Lady, 44

“After being diagnosed with a mild uterine prolapse, I was determined to do everything possible to look after my whole pelvic area so enrolled on the PelFix course. The sessions were informative, fun and hugely beneficial. I know that if I continue to follow the easy exercise regime on my own, I will maintain strong and healthy muscles and my condition will not deteriorate. Also – no stress incontinence for me as I grow older, which is a comforting thought! I generally feel healthier, more confident, and more womanly, and I only wish I had discovered PelFix years ago. I would heartily recommend the course to any woman, of any age.” Lady, 63

“I wanted to say thank you for being such a great coach and teaching me the PelFix Technique! Keep fighting, as I strongly believe this type of exercise has a huge potential.

Last night I had pretty bad menstrual cramps, and decided to do circulation booster exercises until my paracetamol starts to act. And the relief was instant! While I was breathing I could feel that the lower abdomen is being massaged and that pain is slowly going away! In ten minutes I could go back to work, like there was no pain before that. Amazing!” Lady, 35

“PelFix is not a quick fix – if you wish to see results from this programme you must be prepared to do your exercises on a regular basis. So that it becomes as important a part of your daily routine as cleaning your teeth, for example.

I am a 72 year old female. Haemorrhoids have been part of my life ever since my sons were born and they are now aged 45 and 47!! I have had various treatments – all unpleasant and painful – injections, ‘tying’ procedures and finally ‘stapling’. None of these have really been successful. If the NHS were sufficiently savvy to teach people the PelFix exercises BEFORE problems set in then they would save themselves (and us) time and money and rescue patients from years of discomfort. In the UK we tend to be all about cure and not prevention, when it should be the other way around.

The PelFix exercises also aid vaginal health – another neglected area in our bodies. I have noticed a significant improvement in the strength of my vaginal muscles since taking this course. Improved vaginal and anal health is important to each and every one of us and time spent on this may very well save surgery, and other unpleasant procedures, in the future.

PelFix is not for the faint hearted, or easily embarrassed, as in order to get the best results from your investment in the programme you must be prepared to be open and honest about your problems and how they affect your way of life whether it be in the privacy of the toilet or the bedroom.

Livia Nemeth knows how to handle all of the issues mentioned above in a sensitive and positive way and time spent with her will certainly enrich your life in ways which  at this point in time you may not even realise that you need, but it will be so worthwhile you will be delighted you made the effort.” Lady, 72

“This course is amazing! I would recommend this to people of any age, whether they’ve had children or not. Livia was very friendly and put us all at our ease immediately. The course was actually a lot of fun and was at times hilarious. Some of the exercises are difficult at first but I was amazed at how quickly I improved, and Livia was very reassuring. Livia gave us all personalised exercise plans after the course and I can tell that my muscles are getting stronger and that I’m relaxing them all the time. I realised from doing the course that everything I’d learnt about exercise and pelvic floor strength up until this point had been untrue! It was quite a revelation for me. I also learnt a lot about anatomy that I didn’t already know. Being taught how to check for bulges and early signs of prolapse was invaulable. I am extremely grateful to Livia for her wonderful teaching. This course has had a profound effect on my health.” Lady, 28

“I am so pleased that I discovered Livia and Pelfix before the changes I was experiencing became more serious. Livia has the perfect personality for teaching these exercises, there was no embarrassment and the course was enjoyable and interesting. With my personalised exercise programme, I can do something to help myself now. I think everyone would benefit from the Pelfix Programme!” Lady, 46

“I recently completed the PelFix course and I don’t remember having had a “leak” since, even the other day when I sneezed with full bladder!
Being a biologist and an epidemiologist, I am a great advocate of prevention and of educating people to have control over their own bodies. With this course one can obtain excellent results. I am now fine and I don’t need any drug for that.” Lady, 49

“I had no other reason to learn the PelFix technique except I am a woman.
With no pressing conditions, no children, no plans of children in the near future, still I have benefited enormously from taking the course. Not only to prevent future discomforts and inevitable (we think they are) conditions, I’ve found it so helpful to maintain everyday life on a different level!
Livia’s professionalism, knowledge and discretion makes it easy to learn about ones self and body.” Lady, 30

“I had no idea how important the pelvic floor muscles were for our health and well-being until I met Livia! She made the whole learning process a fun and interesting experience. Livia is an an excellent teacher, who, from the start, put me at ease when talking about my symptoms. I learned a great deal and I am happy to have a set of exercises that focus on such an important area that is most of the times overlooked in sports and body workout routines.” Lady, 37

“This course has transformed my attitude towards my own body as I enter menopause. The techniques I’ve learned from Livia are bringing me a great sense of well-being and confidence. Taking responsibility for my pelvic area health makes me feel empowered and stronger, and the exercises are a pleasure to do! And there is a lot to be said about Livia’s warmth as a human being and the playful but professional way she makes accessible to everybody her vast knowledge of this subject. I believe ALL women would benefit greatly from a course like this.” Lady, 51

“I found Livia while searching for alternative treatments for haemorrhoids.She took me through the training method which she made very easy to understand, and I was impressed by both her knowledge and the depth of the course material about pelvic anatomy. She answered any questions I had and with practice of the method on my part, I achieved a great improvement in my condition and am now rarely bothered by them.”  Gentleman, 40