The PelFix Course


The PelFix Technique is suitable for men and women and can be acquired in 10 hours. The programme takes place in a relaxed environment, where exercises are for everyone: success is independent of age or strength. Participants wear a comfortable outfit, such as a T-shirt and jogging bottoms. If you have a medical condition or you are postnatal, please seek your doctor`s advice before attending the PelFix Course.

Nobody has to disclose anything about their problems, nor mention the reason that they have come to the course in front of the group.Pregnancy and pelvic floor exercises, childbirth and pelvic floor

At the first session, participants will be asked to fill in a confidential questionnaire regarding the state of their health. This will enable Livia to assess the individual requirements and is the foundation for each participant`s own training programme tailored to their individual needs.

The course allows attendees to becoming familiar with the pelvic floor area, the muscles and the organs of the pelvis. They learn about conditions which are preventable through regular practice as well as how to change your everyday habits in order to protect the pelvic floor muscles, the pelvic organs and enable them to function more effectively.

This is followed by a series of exercises; you will identify your own pelvic floor muscles via sensations through a thorough, step-by-step approach. We start with simple movements and will gradually move on to more challenging exercises.  Anyone, male and female can benefit from the training from 18 to 80, success can be achieved regardless of age or strength!

At the end of the course, you will receive your personal training programme tailored to your individual needs. After 10 hours you can maintain your newly acquired ability with just 10 minutes practice per day.